What We Do

Honduras - A Brief History

How We Accomplish This

Below are the services we provide to children, their families, our members and the government.

Educational Resources

Seminars and training materials for staff and government employees.

Coordinated Child Placements Based on Appropriateness and Necessity

Ensuring that children end up the most suitable home, as opposed to the most convenient.

Unified Documentation

Reporting forms that standardize the way organizations communicate with the government.

Mutual Accountability Among Members

Peer reviews and monitoring to ensure that standards are upheld.

Consulting DINAF on High Level Policies

We have already assisted them in tweaking their adoption policies, developed an official nationwide foster care training program, and are currently developing a database to manage all of their foster care placements.

Nationwide Mapping of Care Providers

Helping the government understand where children and resources exist.

Trained Psychologists and Social Workers

Providing counseling and support to member organizations.

Collective Buying and Lobbying Power

Leveraging the power in numbers to provide affordable goods to members.