Membership Terms and Conditions

1.  Membership Approval
All applications for membership will be reviewed by the Board of Directors or executive staff prior to final approval.  If your application is not approved, we will provide an explanation in writing via email.  The decision process typically takes 7-10 business days from the time of submission.

2.  Membership Fees
At the moment, memberships to the Honduras Children's Alliance are free.  If at any point, there is a change to membership fees, all current members will be notified in advance of the change and given an opportunity to pay the fee or opt out of Alliance membership.

3.  Rights of Members
Approved members will be given an opportunity to vote on all ballot items during Alliance general assembly meetings, including, but not limited to the dismissal and election of Board of Director members.

4.  Responsibilities of Members
It is the responsibility of all Alliance members to abide by the law of Honduras and their country of origin, if different than Honduras.  At which time a list of best practices is published by the Alliance, members must also agree to adhere to these as well, to the best of their ability.  If at any point, the Board of Directors or executive staff deem that a member has willfully broken a law or violated a best practice, that member may be forcibly removed from the Alliance.