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DINAF Announces Adoptions for Foster Families

On April 13, 2015, DINAF announced a one-time opportunity for foster parents to claim the children in their care and declare their attention to adopt.  Under the new Honduran law, in an effort to curb child trafficking, foster families will no longer be permitted to adopt the children in their care. The Alliance was instrumental in advising DINAF on cycles of attachment and helping them reduce the amount of time required to qualify for this one-time adoption opportunity.  The original proposal from DINAF was that a child had to be in care for 2 years.  We were able to get them to reduce it to 1 year prior to making the public announcement, thus including over 100 additional families.

Honduras Standardizes Training for Foster Families

Over the past few months, members of the Alliance have been developing a foster care training manual.  The final revision of this manual was submitted to DINAF for approval in early April, 2015.  The end result of this manual will be a new standardized training curriculum to educate foster families on the various issues they will experience.  We have successfully introduced concepts that are new to Honduras; such as cycles of attachment, grief & loss, home & family safety strategies, and many other topics.

DINAF Taking Major Technological Steps Forward

In March of 2015, DINAF commissioned the Alliance to begin constructing a database to securely track the children in care and their foster families.  To date, this was done via physical file folders, and often resulted in slow followup and poor awareness of care situations.  We have also created a set of forms and reports to standardize the way information is collected for the database and streamline the communication between DINAF and their families.